5 Common Single Parent Fears

Getting been just one parent herself, this author knows the awesome anxiety about fretting about her children while she’s at the office, and also the increased fear the child may be grabbed by her foreign ex-husband. Regardless of whether you were married to some foreigner or otherwise, exactly the same fears apply – along with a man too who’s just one father might fear that his children may be kidnapped. Among the worst fears the bottom line is is the fact that eventually she will receive a call in the child’s school or even the father to state that something has became of the kid. Single parents, especially moms, are less worried about such things as food and garments as individuals are situations which may be easily remedied. She’s worried constantly concerning the welfare from the child.

Most dreaded five common single parent fears

The main fear a parent or gaurdian has following a untidy and complex divorce is the fact that her partner has more income than she’s and can get child custody from the children because he has got the financial way to do more for him or her and draw things out. He’s money to employ a detective or even the best lawyer money can purchase which the judge may think she isn’t on equal footing and the man could easily get the kids.

Another dreaded fear that the single parent has is the fact that while they’re at the office the other parent can come towards the school, go ahead and take child, and elope using the child to his country. Despite the fact that you will find laws and regulations from this, when a single parent snatches a young child and runs off and away to overseas, there’s lots of work involved because it involves worldwide law and there’s greater than the kidnapping charge to cope with, all of which drag the process.

The only parent will fear the other parent although she or he loves the kid, won’t place the interests from the child first and can visit nothing to achieve the child in their possession as in those days neither parent can concentrate, and she or he fears that they might never begin to see the child again. A young child kidnapping has got the same devastating mental effects on the parent growing up that’s missing or found dead.

Another common single parent fear is the fact that something may happen to her as an accident or perhaps a lengthy illness which her children is going to be removed through the government bodies which she won’t be able to take care of her children herself.