How to Layer Your Fashion Tops for Fall

With Fall just around the corner it couldn’t hurt to learn a few simple tricks to help layer your favourite summer fashions in preparation for the cooler temperatures. Before the art of layering came into the fashion picture we were forced to pack all our summer fashion tops and clothing away for the year and then unpack and completely new wardrobe for fall and winter. Lucky this is no longer the case. By utilizing the ability of layering you are not only saving money in terms of recycling your summer wardrobe but you have the ability to wear your summer favourites for that much longer. Allow us to give you some fashion tips to help you make the most of your wardrobe.

In terms of fashion tops in particular, there are many different layering techniques that can be utilized and the type of top you are dealing with makes a difference as well. For example, you may think it to be difficult to layer over an asymmetrical top like the off the shoulder t-shirts that are so popular this year but this is not the case. Absolutely any fashion top can be layered when you choose the right fashion pieces. With an asymmetrical fashion top in mind you have several layering options. Because of the baggy and oversized nature of these tops you want to avoid tight fitting sweaters and cardigans. The absolutely perfect layering choice here is the aviator leather jacket. Leather jackets are hot this year and they provide the perfect amount of coverage for any off the shoulder fashion top while not hiding the style of the shirt.

Bubble tops are a unique trend that has been revitalized from our fashion history. This particular fashion top offers short sleeves and a smocked waist to create the bubble appearance the top has become so famous for. In terms of layering your options are much wider than they are with the asymmetrical tops. You can choose from a wide variety of cardigans and jackets but our first recommendation would be a cropped sweater or jean jacket. The cropped style of this top layer allows you to fully utilize the style of the bubble top because longer cardigans would only conceal it.

Lastly we want to mention the tunic. There are dozens of different tunic fashion tops available today and the most obvious layering choices include tunic length cardigans. Because of the length of the tunic and the overall loose style a simple cardigan is all that is required to keep you looking casual chic and warm as fall approaches. But don’t be under the misconception that long cardigans are your only layering options. Regular length leather jackets create a unique style as well and this jacket can be worn with a number of different outfits so it is definitely an excellent buy.