Pros and cons for Technology

In the present time people can’t imagine their existence without technology. Surrounding us various technology is helping individuals to live their existence with increased luxury. We’ve got the technology sector has altered and developed many products. We’ve got the technology is supplying several benefits but additionally it’s some disadvantages. Wish to consider talk about both –


There are many benefits of technology like

Simpler existence – With technological machine individuals are getting assist in every sector. Cars and bikes are helping individuals to achieve anywhere rapidly. Plane and superfast trains happen to be reduced distance between metropolitan areas and countries. Computer and internet are supplying information in easiest method plus it has altered method of communication. Now individuals are doing interactive video and chatting to talk with their buddies and family used communication technology.

Lesser Mistakes – Machines are helping individuals to make lesser mistakes. Robots or machines will work precisely and you need to simply program all of them with proper information. As with manufacture of any automotive the majority of companies are utilizing automatic machines which follow instruction laptop or computer or that individual who’s operating the device. And all sorts of work will get done perfectly.

Save Your Time – Technology is saving our time, to have an example you are able to travelled all over the world in lesser time. With computer that you can do any operate in lesser time and it assistance to enhance quality and supply suggestions. Machines are helping individuals kitchen too – like Oven and forms of not waste time.


Everybody recognizes that technologies are very useful however it has some disadvantages too. Because a lot of companies now utilize automatic machines to enable them to enhance their production with precision. Consequently lots of people lost their job.

Similarly house maids are losing their job because automatic machines do their job. Owner have to pay once only while maid get compensated for each month.

However machines and robots look affordable and best to use but, when any technical problem happens in machine or robot, it required enough time to repair it and it could be costly.