Tips on how to prepare and budget your way to a profitable event

The value of a powerful and sufficient budget in an event can not be overestimated. But unfortunately, that’s where most event organizers fall short. Most often, expenses are not really estimated, but rather, there are many costs that have been neglected when writing the budget table. Why are these costs neglected in the first place? Everything boils down to very poor planning and management. The budgets are often cut towards the end of the fixation of the event and the execution; sacrifice the quality and quantity of material resources and labor.

In a concert event, for illustration, due to budget constraints, the number of security aid staff has been cut off. Thus, during the concert event itself, people have become agitated at the gates due to Gatecrashers and people who cut online. Due to the lack of security personnel, there was not enough workforce to manage and manage the crowd, which then led to a crowd. Yes, more often than no, event organizers tend to reduce the essential, such as the workforce. In doing so, the most important things are compromised.

Budgeting is one of the components of the planning and management of events where the commitment of a major major error is not an option. In order to prevent this, here are some expensive elements in the planning and management of events that should have the greatest consideration:

Travel expenses in speaker

The best, credible and most appropriate speakers for your event can not be available at any time in your locality, city or sometimes in your country. Airplane, accommodation and other travel expenses are significant costs that need to be allocated to your budget plan.

Audio visual fees

This would include your sound systems and title / PA, microphones, which includes laptops and / or computers, LCD projectors, LED screens, Wi-Fi or Internet, and other devices or initials. Must give your audience a clear audio and audio presentation.

Shipping costs

Postal invitations, freight cost and transport in the transport of equipment from one event location to another, ordering materials such as brochures, souvenir / high-end gift items – these are some of the shipping costs that you encounter.


The cost or design, layout and printing of documents, brochures, modules, leaflets and other print paraphars must be well allocated in your budget. These printing materials are the guide of your participants or take resources resources at home, so it should be presented, readable and well printed.


As the cliché goes, the first impressions count. The facade of your place of event must reflect credibility and professionalism, or it must adhere to the general theme of the event itself. Decorations such as banners, lights, table ornaments, plants, etc., improve the general atmosphere and atmosphere of the event itself, it defines the tone or mood of the event. Give your event a “wow” factor. Allocate a big budget for your location.


Giving enough security for an event, especially if the event would mark a multitude of participants, and if excitement and agitation are expected from the crowd, such as a sporting event or a concert. The budget should be awarded for labor, perimeter housings, barricades and other safety equipment such as metal detectors and the like.