Website Hosting Options – Free, Shared, Dedicated Or Reseller

How can you tell if your website hosting service is going to be reliable through the duration of your site?

Whether it does not work well you can easily lose sales, service or subscribers.

Before selecting a website hosting company first investigate the different choices. For instance you don’t have to buy a server for any 5 page website. It’ll have extra space than you’ll ever need and you will be having to pay a higher cost for this. Make an educated decision which means you will not hurt your wallet.

Kinds of web hosting companies


Some companies offer advertising for hosting your site. This gives the look you are not really a business professional as well as the ads may annoy these potential customers.

Others promise free website hosting should you get a domain name together. Usually this means you’ll receive a tiny bit of disk space and bandwidth before you will need to upgrade and become billed a regular monthly fee.

Shared (virtual)

This is actually the most typical service offered where multiple internet sites are stored on a single server. Some web hosting companies will advertise limitless space and bandwidth. Avoid these ones simply because they may overload their servers attempting to cram as numerous websites in it as you possibly can.


This is when you have the server. Only your site or websites will reside onto it thus you obtain a lot of disc space and bandwidth since you don’t share it with other people. A passionate server usually costs a higher fee every month.

Vps (VPS)

This can be a hosting solution for smaller companies that are looking extra space and control than shared web hosting. It delivers similar control to some server at prices just a little above shared web hosting.


If you are planning to market website hosting services for your customers or have to host lots of internet sites in a single think about a reseller website hosting company. They’ll ask you for a regular monthly fee for hosting as numerous internet sites since you need. Should you require extra space and bandwidth you will find the choice of upgrading by having to pay a greater fee every month.

Home windows or Linux website hosting

Besides selecting a dependable hosting company service you have to also choose the correct platform..Home windows or Linux. For example if your website contains ASP webpages you will need to host it on the Home windows server whereas an internet site that contains php files require a Linux server. Linux hosting is easily the most popular simply because they possess the most versatility and price under Home windows hosting.